Bend, Redmond and Sisters, Oregon best Birthday Party experience!



ALL PARTICIPANTS need to arrive 10 minutes early so your first Mission starts on time. We play 2-3 Missions and then we take a small break (15 MINUTES, if your group is able to start on time) for your Food/Drinks & Presents and then play the last 2 Missions.  For instance, a party that starts at 11am, the first Mission starts at 11am.  If your group is unable to start on time due to late attendance or waivers that have not been completed ahead of time, this could result in only 4 games being played instead of 5 or if you prefer, we could shorten your cupcake time.

The Arena and Lobby are yours for 1.75 hours, this includes your time for Presents, Food and any time you need to clean up.

Click here for Birthday Itinerary.

Premium Birthday – 9 People

  • Five fun-filled missions of Laser Tag
  • Up to 9 people including Guest of Honor ($20/ea for over 9 people to do a vest swap)
  • We ask anyone over 9 people to wait outside due to the Governor’s COVID restrictions.
  • Party Space and Privacy.  The entire Arena is yours for 90 minutes! 15 min for cleanup.
  • Pass for 2 Free Games for the Guest of Honor
  • Food is available across the parking lot @ Takoda’s Restaurant – 15% Discount.
  • $249

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