I know we are all feeling confined and it’s difficult and we are going to throw something out there that may help you get out and enjoy some fun activities while still staying with just your family.

We are still attempting to operate, but, in a much different fashion. Here it is in a nutshell:

We are renting the entire Arena to one family for 1 hour = 3 Missions. And … we call this opportunity … Family Bonding and it’s cheap, $75. We cannot accept Gift Certificates at this time for this COVID Special.

You can have up to 9 people play with you as right now, you cannot have anymore than 10 people in one area and that leaves 1 of us in there with you.

We have 40 minutes between between Family Bonding Events. This allows one family to leave before the next family arrives and also allows us to clean the vests, guns and facility prior to the next families arrival. Example:

Family 1 – 3 Missions
Start time: 3:00pm
End time: 4:00pm
We clean between 4:00-4:40pm
Family 2 – 3 Missions
Start time: 4:40pm
End time: 5:40pm
We clean between 5:40pm-6:20pm
NEXT Family would start at 6:20pm
…and so on…

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